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All Embracing Love Declaration

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A great convergence is under way today: the convergence of reason and emotion, observation and intuition, science and spirituality. We are not discovering deeper truths; we are re-discovering them.

The great re-discovery is that underlying the welter of things and processes in the world there is an order that confers unity and oneness on all things. The happy news is that this applies also to us, human beings. We are not separate, self-centered lonely beings but organic parts of the human family and of the web of life on Earth. Our natural state is a state of oneness—the state of unity of all the cells and organs of our body, and of all the systems and communities in which we participate.
Separateness and isolation is a flaw and an illusion; our natural condition is a state of oneness. It is a state of all-embracing love. With the “re-cognition” and “re-feeling” of this state we can regain the coherence and meaning we had lost in the modern world. We can participate in the vast awakening that is now re-bonding young people to each other and to nature.

This Declaration describes the roots, the culture and the consciousness of all-embracing love. These hallmark the thinking and the acting we need to create a world of thrival and peace. We need not go from crisis to catastrophe. All-embracing love can be, and will be, our salvation.